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This fundraiser:

Our goal for this fundraiser is to support the develop our field trip directory so that we can truly make the world our classroom by connecting students and our keiki to interesting and fun community partners and businesses in Hawai’i.  Although we have set this goal, we are hoping to exceed it, as we have a long wish list of things to do to ensure the success of this educational program.  Below is a list of the many ways you and/or your organization can help out and benefit from making a contribution.

About this project:

The Harvard Business Review recently called “sustainability” a megatrend.  Over the past decade, environmental issues have steadily influenced business practices, governments and educational systems.  Escalating public concerns about such things as climate change, industrial pollution, food safety and natural resource depletion have caused a shift in perception and values.  Consumers all over the globe are seeking sustainable products and services, while governments are backing this trend with unprecedented levels of new sustainability-oriented regulations.  This megatrend is requiring new forms of collaboration, transparency, systems-thinking and the integration of network communities.

In addressing this growing megatrend, Hawaiʻi’s education system strives to prepare our youth – knowing that as future leaders of a new global society our children will need to be effective collaborators, innovative problem-solvers and keen systems-thinkers.  Drawing from best practices in education, storytelling, and media, our program, “Waltah the Worm” is highly interactive…“edutainment” at its best; and it addresses this megatrend by leveraging culture, science, and community-based efforts to increase systems-thinking and sustainable practices.  Waltah teaches the ways of people and the laws of nature to improve self-efficacy, illustrate the interdependence of ecosystems, and encourages our youth and families to become more involved in their communities and futures.

The program combines technology with interactive learning and problem solving experiences, making it a unique educational resource. It includes 5 key elements (some of which are still being developed):

1.  Syndicated TV shows airing 6 times per week on OC16 (see showtimes below).

To capture the masses, our program includes 30-minute syndicated TV shows featuring Waltah and his friend Kimo who live at Palaka Moon Farm. In each episode, they face real-life issues called “logic projects” to engage kids in experiential learning and problem solving. The humorous storyline appeals to children and adults, and the show features STEM-related concepts, positive role models, local cultures, languages, and both Hawaiian and Western values.

With Your HELP we will be able to continue producing these educational programs so that the broader audience of Hawai’i (and beyond) can be connected and exposed to sustainability-oriented programs, businesses, content experts, practitioners, careers and solutions.

2. Lesson Plans and Curriculum based on the TV shows  (lesson plan samples:  http://teachers.waltah.com/curricula/ ).

To reinforce our messages, the Waltah the Worm program creates lesson plans and curriculum for each episode.  These teaching tools and material are offered to educators and parents to support their efforts in teaching our keiki about sustainability practices and solutions.

With Your HELP we will be able to continue designing and working with teachers to develop these educational lesson plans for students.  We will also be able to connect our educators to the experts in sustainability careers and fields, so that they will be able to provide the best learning experiences for our keiki.

3. Interactive Website (www.waltah.com)

Although still under construction, our interactive website includes information for teachers, parents, students and community partners.  Eventually it will include a field trip directory that acts as a central repository for users to book field trips with our partners, as well as a learning management system, allowing anyone to participate in uploading learning modules and lessons for all to use.

With Your HELP we will be able to expand our website features, making it a true educational resource for educators, students, parents, community partners and businesses.

4. Activity Books & Games (http://waltah.com/product/name-of-the-product-copy-3/)

We recently created a card game called, “Water We Doing?” It teaches the players about their water footprint, and provides various ideas and facts about this valuable resource.  As we raise more money, we will be turning this game into an app, and extending the themes to include energy, food, waste, etc.  We will also be designing e-activity books for each episode as well.

With Your HELP we will be able to create co-opetitions, more games like “Water We Doing?“, and activity books that focus on sustainability practices.  Our vision is to make this program as interactive and engaging as possible, because we believe the best method for learning is doing.  We will also be able to provide our new “Water We Doing?” game cards to Waltah the Worm participating schools and teachers.

5. Access to our 5-acre Palaka Moon Farm Sustainability Learning Center in Waimanalo where Waltah and Kimo live (http://www.sustainhawaii.org/palaka-moon-farm/)

Through a generous grant from the Castle Foundation we were able to create nine learning stations at Palaka Moon Farm.  The farm hosts tours, workshops, and field trips for schools and families.  Our vision is to build 20 more learning stations throughout the property.

With Your HELP we will be able to expand this learning center by building more learning stations.  We will also be able to transform this farm into a prototypical space for sustainability best practices, so that anyone can come learn and live it.

This program fills a critical gap in children’s learning. Given its high reach and visibility through TV, online presence, and Waltah’s physical home at Palaka Moon Farm, this program is a unique and creative way in enabling our community to better understand our responsibility in caring for our world and each other.

Other details:

Waltah has great potential to be transformative, as it encourages and fosters powerful connections among students, families, and communities. The Waltah the Worm program provides a neutral platform that connects Hawaii’s people and businesses, instills a sense of place, implements inquiry-based, experiential teaching/learning approaches that are grounded in culture and science, and integrates the cultural concepts of ‘ohana (family), kuleana (responsibility), and ho’ike (action).


Check Out Our Show!

The Waltah the Worm Educational Program TV show airs on OC-16

  • Sundays at 10:00 am
  • Mondays at 6:00 pm
  • Tuesdays at 9:00 am
  • Thursdays at 2:00 pm
  • Fridays at 6:00 am
  • Saturdays at 6:30 pm

Pass It Along…

Thank you for your donation and support in helping us develop this very important and creative program. We would really appreciate it if you would pass this along to your friends and family members, so that together we can all care for our ‘aina, keiki, community and Hawai’i.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who does my donation go to?

    Your donation will be given to Sustain Hawaii, which is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.  Your donation will be used specifically to support the Waltah the Worm Educational Program.  This program aims at teaching our keiki about sustainability, while expanding their systems-thinking knowledge and skills.

  • What will the monies be used for?

    If we raise the full amount ($250,000) the monies will specifically help us to:

    • Complete the design and implementation of our field trip directory, which will allow educators and families to book field trips with our community partners featured on the WtW shows
    • Develop curriculum and lesson plans for 10 chosen field trip locales
    • Build 3 more learning stations at Palaka Moon Farm, which is open to the public for field trips and workshops (Note: we received a generous donation from the Castle Foundation, which allowed us to build 9 learning stations: worm bins, black soldier-fly larvae, bee hives, aquaponics, ‘ulu flour maker, home compost, chicken tractors, biochar, human-powered generators)
    • Continue designing our activity books
    • Complete the production of 5 more Waltah the Worm TV episodes (covers half a season), which teaches our keiki and community about sustainability and systems-thinking
    • Develop curriculum and lesson plans for parents and educators relevant to each WtW episode
    • Complete the design of our “Water We Doing?” game card app
    • Complete the design of our learning management system

    There are many more things that we have on our wish list; however, in reaching our goal for this campaign we will be able to provide high-tech, high-touch learning opportunities and tools that help move our keiki, families and community toward a healthier, wealthier and wiser future.

  • Can I visit the Palaka Moon Farm Sustainability Learning Center

    Yes.  To make arrangements to visit our farm, please call (808) 721-2174 to schedule your field trip.  Also, watch our events calendar for upcoming workshops and trainings on sustainability-oriented practices and solutions.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes.  Your donation is tax-deductible, as Sustain Hawai’i is a non-profit organization.

  • Can I participate or volunteer?

    Sure!  We welcome your kokua and anyone interested in doing internships.  Just contact us at (808) 721-2174 and let us know that you would like to volunteer or participate in our internship program.

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